Friday, February 26, 2010

Double chins and hair loss

This is what I would like to rename my blog to. I follow Baby Bangs , a blog about the wonders of motherhood. The author has named her blog this because of what happens to some women's pelo after giving birth.

Anyway, if I decided to name my blog after my own childbearing experiences I think it would have to be, "Double chins and hair loss". I'm not kidding. When I nurse and look down at Eli, I feel a weird choking feeling. It has taken me over 12 months to realize I earned a double-chin during my pregnancy.

If anyone was to be deemed most worhty of a double-chin it would definitely be me. When I see Jesus one day I will be embarrassed if He counted all the Ben & Jerry pints I ate during my full 9 months of pregnancy.

I thought it was hilarious that I could eat more than JW! And it was. Until now. The question is, "Will my chin's twin ever go away?" I think my weight is back to normal so I dont think it's weight-related. Maybe it's lazy-butt related. I have not exercised since November so maybe if I exercised...

Then there's my massive hair loss. Thank God I was given a lot of hair to start with, so I'm not balding, but our carpet is littered with hair. It comes out if I wash, brush, run my fingers through it or breathe.

Someone suggested that it is hormonal. I have decided 'when' I stop nursing Eliana will solely be determined by 'when' I am fed up with shedding like a cat! I sure hope it is the nursing because I dont want to live the rest of my life like this because I may just end up bald-headed!

However when I look at Eli's impish face I realize that double-chins can't be all bad if she has one too! We have that much in common at this point. Oh yeah, the defiance thing too.

Here is Eliana sitting outside of Terra Toys today after some impromptu shopping. Eli's swag includes grown-up bibs and a new Hello Kitty pelo brush! That place is kiddie heaven! I think we earned a little shopping trip since all week we had contractors coming by to get our place ready to sell.

We had to leave in the pm because the paint fumes were suffocating us! So where would 2 lovely ladies spend their afternoon if given a choice (and a set of wheels)? Target, Sorrento's and Terra Toys. I went to a Target with a Starbucks but I could not bring myself to buy their coffee. Call me a snob! Besides Sorrento's has a drive-thru, coffee happy hour and free animal crackers for babies. Beat that Starbux!

The painters showed up seconds after I had put Eli down for her 2nd nap so she was tired! That's why she is so serious in the picture. wonder she didn't ask to be let out at the toy store...Parents: make note, if your child is tired it just may be safe to visit a toy store...however, I will not be held responsible if it doesn't work!

Even though she was sleep deprived she still managed to kiss and hug monkeys and babies at the store, not real ones obviously.

In conclusion, tonight if you remember pray that Eliana will not be brain damaged from all the paint fumes around here and that she sleeps until 7am! She woke up at 6am today and I barely had time to read my Bible! Not that I'm complaining, she is definitely a morning baby! Happy Friday!

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  1. Love the new blog design. So fancy! Good tip about taking a tired kid to a toy store. I may have to try that the next time we have to go there!