Friday, February 19, 2010

It Happened!

I watched Eliana grow right before my very own eyes! Anyway, I think I did. I was playing with her on the rocker and somehow I witnessed her stop being my little baby. There is a whole human being inside her tiny little body. A person with flaws, hang-ups, weaknesses but also intelligence, opinions, preferences and lots of will!

This week Eliana has endured the disappointment of her first time-out(s). Since she is a year old she gets one minute either in her room or in the playpen. She has been earning her time-outs mostly due to her testing my 'NOs'. For example, she knows to know to know that she may not splash around in her humidifier and has demonstrated that she knows this because she has obeyed many times when I have asked her not to play in it.

But lately she will go creeping up on the humidifier with an eye sneakily watching Mami to see what I might do. I tell her 'no' twice and then it's off to the room! She screams and kicks the whole way! And she has even come up with an all new cry that is specially reserved for these kind of moments, which some people like to call 'hissy fit'.

I wish I knew where the term 'hissy fit' even comes from so I can decide if I want to use it towards my sweet baby angel, I mean my sweet toddler angel...

It was magical to watch Eliana grow before my eyes, even if part of the magic is to witness her increasing defiance of Mami's rules. In the words of a wise preacher I know, "Eliana, there is nothing you can ever do to make me love you any less."

Blogger is not letting me upload pictures!!! I will have to put them up later, sorry Eli fans!


  1. Wouldn't it be easier if they would just obey us??!! But, I guess that is how God feels about us! Great post!