Monday, June 7, 2010

Burnt Orange Bloomies

Regardless of where Eli decides to go to college, I hope she will enjoy cheering on her parents’ alma mater. And like any good Longhorn lady fan, she is learning that pearls are a part of the package! These are actually the Mervyn’s pearls my mom bought me for my 7th grade dance! In which no boy asked me to dance! Boo hoo!  I remember wanting to dress just like Cindy Crawford for the dance. I had my mom make me a black sheath dress. But I ended up looking more like Audrey Hepburn because the dress was actually a boat-neck dress and the pearls closed the deal on the 50’s look. I was the only girl with a black dress! At the time floral dresses were all the rage, but I wanted to be different! Some things never change! This necklace is 17 years old and I love that Eli loves to wear it! I think she will have no trouble getting dances from boys though…

060310 033

This is my 3rd pair of ruffly blooms I’ve sewn and even though they are pretty laborious,  once I’ve  ruffled, I just can’t go back! Life is just prettier with ruffles.

060310 018

Here is a good backside shot of the bloomers. I am now making these to sell at my etsy shop!  I am slowly opening my etsy shop again, but this time around I want to sew baby sew! Soon I want to offer these bloomers in different fabrics but for now they are only available in burnt orange.

060310 039


  1. Super cute! Well done, Susy!!

  2. Those look great and your model is pretty cute :)I haven't found her pearls here :( I'll keep looking!