Monday, June 21, 2010

Let me count the ways…

This gorgeous sunflower belongs to one of our neighbors.  It has been begging me to take its picture all week and this weekend I finally did.  I ♥ you camera.

061910 154

Here it is zoomed out, it is as  big as Eli’s head!

061910 163

Capturing Eli’s delight in her pool, I ♥ you No. 2… 061910 032

Eli’s besito to the dolphin, I ♥ you No. 3

061910 062

Here was JW hard at work in our soon-to-be garden. 

061910 203

He got s-w-e-a-t-y!

061910 240  Here are a couple of Dub’s firstfruits! Aren’t they pretty? I ♥  you camera No. 4…

061910 212

Because you make ice look beautiful, I ♥ you No. 5…

061910 255

  For capturing Eli’s 1st Owie, I ♥ you No. 6…

 061910 250

For being quick enough to capture a picture of Eli & me. I ♥ you No.7, let the counting continue!

061910 230


  1. Gorgeous pictures!! The baby Crocs are SO cute :) I'm jealous of that sunflower! Mine are just BARELY starting to bloom! They take forever and they're still small!

  2. Did you get a Digital SLR?

  3. Pictures are looking lovely! What camera did you end up getting?