Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Little Blue Dress

For the record I am not responsible for this dress! My mom made it when Eli was little bitty and now it fits! I love it and I will have to learn to make it because it seems like a great thing to wear on a 95 degree day. Eli is learning to rock this week!

061410 180

What feels better than a breeze in your dress?

 061410 206

Eliana is thanking the tree for oxygen.

061410 225

Peek-a-boo! This was seconds before she took off down the driveway.

061410 233

Unfortunately we got ice cream on our pretty dress…fortunately we have Shout!

061410 278


  1. Great pictures and the dress is cute too! Abigail has started tripping over her long dresses - she'll be playing in them, stand up with one foot stepping on her dress and then get mad because she can't move but doesn't realize she's holding down her dress!! It's a sight to see :)

  2. Hi Eliana's Mommy! Just wanted to say hi! We don't technically know each other but our kiddos are best buds! My son Caden is in Eliana's Sunday school class and we use Miss Patti as a babysitter too! In fact that is how I know about your blog. Julia (Patti's mom) insisted that I check out your blog about Patti's babysitting triumph with Eliana so that I could be confident in her abilities! Haha! WELL that was over a month ago and I am just now getting around to checking out your blog (stalking you!). Y'all are SO cute... what a fun family!! My hubbie and I volunteer in the nursery next door first hour and get to go to worship with Caden and Eliana's class... I am always excited to see what fashionista outfit she has on! She is precious!! Hope we get to meet in person sometime soon! BUT for now... we can at least be blog buddies! www.katieandjustincox.blogspot.com. Caden says to tell his sweet friend Eliana hello! :)Okay longest comment EVER... sorry!!