Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ladybug Dress for the Babybug

The lovely Abigail turned 1 last Friday and since she is a ladybug and had a ladybug party…there was only one thing to make for her: a ladybug dress…and tutu…and matching tank top…and bow! This is a picture of the creation process before it got ugly! I am stitching the ladybug spots in place.

053110 011

Here is my model and muse making sure the tutu will fit Abigail.

053110 069

Here is Eliana waiting for Jimmy to cut her pelo! Her last cut was in December!

053110 119

Here is the Time Freezer Domestic Goddess Kim! She is joyfully frosting one of her homemade cakes for Abi’s big day.

053110 151

While Abigail patiently waits for her Mama to finish. Abigail is a Mama’s girl! And she also likes to dress-up. Eliana and Abigail have a lot in common!

053110 139

Here is the finished chocolate ladybug cake and the homemade piñata full of M&Ms and Snickers!

053110 156

This cake was my fave.  It was a carrot cake with cream cheese icing. Fortunately we got sent home with cake, unfortunately Eliana and I had to split it.

053110 158

Here is the proud Mama & Baby. Abi’s birthday dress was also made by Kim! It isn’t fair that Kim can freeze time!

053110 160 

Eliana and Abigail talk spots.

053110 145

Time for dress-up! Tio Edson in the back figuring out how to hang the piñata…

053110 143 

Here is Cousin Edson and Eli in the pool. Well actually Edson is signing ‘water’ while Eli gives someone a very interesting look…

053110 182

Here is Abi in her tutu and tank while Eli inspects the fit.

053110 268

Someone get this babybug some aphids!

053110 280

This moment is why I sew!


  1. Cute!! Great work you sewing diva! Is the red ladybug dress the same pattern as the black dress you did for Eli? It turned out super cute!!

  2. Thanks! It sure is the same pattern!

  3. Thanks for her dress, and for coming to stay with us. A good time was had by all

  4. Indeed! Can't wait to do it all over again, A-town style!

  5. Gorgeous pictures, gorgeous dress, gorgeous tutu and tank, gorgeous Smith ladies! :) thank you for it all! Love you and E...miss you guys!