Thursday, May 20, 2010

10 Things I Betcha Didn’t Know About Eli

  1. She can now say ‘Po-po’ when she has…po-po-ed
  2. Her top 3 favorite books right now are, Puppy Love, First Words and Bedtime
  3. She is getting her haircut this weekend!
  4. She can now sign the following words: shoes, stars,  go, stop, sorry, hat, sleep, please, play, book
  5. She can now say the following words: go!, hat (pap), nite-nite (nah-nah), please (peez), play (pay), good girl! (guh-guh), book (buh)
  6. She curses when she doesn’t get her way!
  7. She likes to scold ants because they have hurt her.
  8. She beats up on Tata, then cries when we take her way, then she apologizes, then she hits Tata again, and so on!
  9. She tries to pray for her meals.
  10. She really likes her new gold sandals!


  1. JW & Susy - I just want to tell you both how much I have loved viewing your blog site about sweet little Eli. Susy, you are the ultimate mother in every way. How talented you are and how lucky for Eli to have such loving parents. Harriett emailed this website to me after getting to spend the weekend with her & Steven. We had a wonderful time and the visit was too short. Eddie & I are so happy for you and know you will enjoy many years in your new home. Brenda & Eddie Young

  2. Thanks Brenda, you are sweet! I'm glad you got to check out Eli's blog, she is growing too fast! Hope to see you soon.