Monday, May 24, 2010

Yellow sundress

A nice family picture at last! Well actually I think I look nice for once in a picture! No double-chin, check. Both eyes open, check. Yay! So even though Dada’s hair is ‘date-night’ hair and Eli is looking away, I think it’s great!

052310 004   Here is our lovely photographer/babysitter. We ♥ Patti! And Eliana does too! Apparently Eliana spent all evening giving Patti unsolicited kisses. 052310 003

Here is Eli’s new sundress! I bought the pattern off of Etsy from Make Me Pretty Designs. It was my first attempt so it definitely was not perfect but it sure turned out cute. The fabric has a puffy dot texture and I think Aunt Benna gave  it to me? Or Grandmother Jo…will the true giver please stand up?

052310 005

Anyway, I had been wanting a yellow dress for Eli for awhile and somehow in the magic of my craft room this adorable fabric crossed paths with this great pattern and voila! I have several others  just waiting to be turned into this dress and I can’t wait- but Abigail is turning 1 this Friday so it probably won’t happen this week. But I am busy at work indulging in sewing for my baby niece! We can’t wait to see E & A run around together now that they both can walk!


  1. Lovely family photo and lovely dress! (BTW, you always look beautiful in pictures, friend!)

  2. Beautiful pictures and beautiful dress :)