Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wedding Fun!

A staring contest with Pops

Yay! A family picture!

We are matching! Mami mission accomplished.

Eli and Dada

This is what Eliana did the entire wedding

Can't catch me Hattie!

Eliana had fun meeting the other tiny guests

Sadly, this is the best pic of me on the dance floor! I sure was glad to have earplugs on hand ;)

Here is Sleeping Baby in the elevator. She was OUT!

The morning after Eliana had clearly regained her strength. Here she is toddling into the elevator.

Glad she can't reach the buttons!

OMGoodness! If you want to eat the yummiest chicken salad and all around best sandwiches I've ever had, you must drive to downtown Brenham and eat at Must be Heaven. I want to live there just so I could eat a stuffed avocado for lunch everyday and then have Blue Bell ice cream for dessert! But then I'd weigh 400 pounds so I am glad I live in Austin...

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  1. What adorable pictures!!! You and Eli were matching?!?! Ha! Very cute! And next time we all need to plan a Brenham trip - next April for sure for bluebonnets :) just so I can have stuff avocados and Blue Bell!