Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day

Dada's artsy picture of Eli and Kena

This is a cute pic of us outside of ZTejas last Sunday eating lunch at 3pm! Please ask Kena why we ate at 3pm...

Kena, I hereby give you permission to hurt me for posting this very funny picture of you- I couldn't resist! It's too funny!

After dunch we went to Cafe Yolly and I should have taken a picture of the dessert we ordered!! The affogato. Yum! It is yogurt 'drowned' in coffee and then topped with chocolate and caramel syrup. My new favorite dessert. Affogato anyone? Unfortunately Eli could not have any but she got free samples of the raspberry! Please visit Cafe Yolly located on Avery Ranch Boulevard, it is a brand-new business and I want it to last!

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