Friday, May 7, 2010

Coco & Eli

When I was little I used to admire little girls with this hair style...poor Eli!

Cora & Eli practice sharing snacks

In case you hadn't noticed, these pics were NOT taken with my camera. Melissa took them with her fancy schmancy DSLR camera. I just happen to be of the opinion that they should come standard with every toddler since it requires that kind of speed to capture said toddler's escapades.

Where'd the Cracker Lady go???

Till we meet again my Cute Coco Chum! If this picture doesn't melt your heart, go thaw it out then come back!!

Don't get jealous Cousin Abi, we've got some smooches for you too!


  1. Those are the sweetest pictures :) and I've already told Larry a few times that I'd like to have a camera like that ;) maybe one birthday soon! You guys need a dirt pile for your backyard - Edson could share his dirt!