Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Almost Alice

Ta-daaa!  Last night I stayed up way too late to finish Eli’s Halloween costume.  Dressmaking is like running.  My favorite part is finishing!  This dress is d-o-n-e. Unfortunately there is now an apron to worry about. Unlike the dress I don’t have a pattern for the apron so wish me lots of logic and spatial skills!

092210 006

Last night after finishing the dress I was so excited to see Eli in it that I woke her up and tried it on at 3am! Just kidding I didn’t do that. But I did have a very hard time going to sleep after that so since God knew how badly I wanted to see Eli in it, He decided to wake Eli up at 5:30am!

I was very grumpy about sleeping just a few hours but I quickly changed her out of her pjs and into her dress. She seemed to really like wearing it and later on in the kitchen she held a kitchen towel to her chest and said, “Deh!”  (dress)

She may very well have the dressmaking gene in her! She comes from a long line of domestic dressmakers.

I do apologize if you were hoping to see a picture of Eli in her new dress, that’s not happening until Fable Fest in October. As a  matter of fact Eli will wearing this dress so much in October you may get sick of seeing her  in it!

Until then, we are livin’ for naptime!


  1. Very cute. I can't wait to see a picture of Miss Eli all dressed up like Alice in her blue dress.

  2. Thanks! Me too! Now I need some black shoes, white tights and the black ribbon!

  3. Well done! I totally know what you mean about waking up baby to try on the clothes!! I haven't done it either, but I've seriously thought about it. . .