Sunday, September 12, 2010

More Beach Fun

The beach we went to today was more kid-friendly. Here is Eli with Aunt Benna.

091210 009

We didn’t get any pictures of it but this water was  perfect for Eli’s ladybug floatie.  I’m not sure if she loved that or playing in the sand better??  She loved them both!

091210 010

Here is Eli buried under the sand the first time. She wanted out!

091210 030

And here are her tickle toes!

091210 036

Eli did not like me getting buried in the sand at all!  She cried and then ran away!

091210 041

Here are The Timperlakes, our gracious hosts!  Eli was a little sad to say goodbye but her love of her own home kept her from getting too sad!

091210 060

Goodbye tickles with Aunt Benna!

091210 063


  1. Thank you for your invitation to view your blog. Sometimes I get to see Miss Cora, too. That makes it extra special for me. I love reading about Eliana's adventures. I'm with Elli - the beach is a great place!!!!

  2. I want to tickle those little toes!