Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Sense a Skirt Frenzy coming on…

It all began when Tia Kim decided to make Eli a very cute bird skirt: voila!

082610 060

She was kind enough to share the fabric dimensions with me and now Eli has a new skirt! And Cousin Abigail will have a matching one soon!  I think Eliana is enjoying her skirts!

090210 017

Eli is learning how to clean up after herself. As she puts it:     “Keen-a!”

090210 006

Here is Eli’s new playhouse. Last Sunday I had a very fun date with spray adhesive, felt and a box cutter!

090210 026

And here is Baby Grace composing a symphony. She’s a piano prodigy!!

082810 015


  1. How cute! Love the floral fabric :) And I think we have an extra box somewhere in the garage to make something for Abigail...although I envision she or her big brother will destroy it by the 2nd day. It's just what they do :)

  2. Loving the skirts!!

    On a side note, I missed like 3 posts. . .I'm going to reload your blog into my blogger account. I need my Eliana fixes!!