Monday, September 6, 2010

The “I” post

Since Eliana is truly coming into a fuller understanding of what “I” and “me” means, I thought it was only fitting to devote this post to her “I”:

I found dirty water and wanted to drink it until Mama took it away!

090610 006

I like my new flowers!

090610 009

I’m getting better at running!

090610 018

I like smoothie pops!

090610 023

I get brain freeze!

090610 033


  1. But, dirty water is the best kind - at least that's what Cora thinks! Thanks for a great play date today!

  2. Thank YOU for a great time ;)

  3. Cute cute skirt and top :) glad the skirts are coming along well but of course they would since you are truly a great seamstress :)