Thursday, September 16, 2010

Princess Dress Rehearsal

Last night I stayed up way too late finishing this dainty dress: 

091610 009

Unfortunately it is huge! But that’s ok because this dress is the  Halloween/Princess dress rough draft. It is a princess-y style dress & it is my warm-up before tackling Eli’s Halloween dress. I was really into the shift dress because it was relatively simple but this dress wasn’t too difficult in comparison and seeing Eli dance and twirl in it is priceless!

091610 014

In case you thought one pair of gold shoes was enough for any girl, you were wrong! These gold ballet slippers are thanks to Hattie & Bear Feet!

091610 018

I gave Eli’s room a makeover this week to make it more toddler-friendly. She developed a habit of climbing up the changing table via the glider when I got in the shower. Now there is no glider in her room and she has a cute lil’ reading corner instead. And our bedroom mirror has also moved into her room now!  Does anyone want to volunteer to paint it for us? ;)  Did I mention Eli has a sticker obsession?

091610 028

Here is the Big Girl reading corner!

091610 012

And here am I breaking my rule of “Don’t ever take a picture with a cute baby or toddler because I will never look as cute as said baby or toddler.”

091610 035

Let the Halloween costume production begin!


  1. Love the stickers, love the dress, love the room rearrangement. LOVE the sweet besito!! I can paint the mirror for you. I get a sick thrill out of painting things. ; )

  2. How cute! Love the dress! Abi has a huge dislike of stickers right now and hates when we put them on her :) maybe she'll easily grow into liking them!