Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sweet♥ neckline: at last!

Melissa: Yes we are bad influences on each other! Here is my experimental dress we talked about…I want to see Cora’s now! Although I decided not to do the skirt-ish dress just yet. I’m a little nervous about stitching straps on an elastic casing!

090910 019

As an aspiring baby fashion designer I have been drooling at princess style dresses for a while now and I just love heart-shaped necklines!  So here is my first attempt at one.  This dress is an experiment so unfortunately taking it off of Eli is a bit of a chore since Mama made it a little snug around the bosoms!  I also used leftover scraps to make it!  Isn’t it wonderful what leftovers can do?

090910 006

Here is Eliana looking for the ladybug that is actually sitting on her neck!    The next experimental dress I make will have a lower waistline so it looks more princess-y.

090910 008

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  1. I think it turned out adorable! I'm impressed with your neckline - very sophisticated. I just got back from JoAnn. . . and I almost bought a pattern for me, but I chickened out. Maybe next month!