Saturday, September 18, 2010

Weekend Fun

Friday MK and I decided to give the girls a splash day. Coco & Eli were in hog heaven!!! They may as well have been in hot tubs. They were so happy and probably more happy that they each had their own personal pool.  Cora was in the big girl deep end pool because we filled it too high!091710 003

While Eli practiced her entering and exiting the pool skills,

091710 001

Cora worked very hard on her bubble-making skills!

091710 010

Whoa! Swimming is so exciting!

091710 011

Can you find Coco?
091710 007

Friday night we celebrated Tia Kena’s or as Eli says, “Ten-Ah” birthday with dinner and dessert. Here is JD, Kena & Eli showing off her Abuela-made new bracelet.  I dolled up Eliana for Tia’s visit with chongitos, her pearl necklace and her new gold slippers but because Eli can never have enough adornment, she decided to color her face with markers during dinner:

091710 002

Today I endured the agony and despair of getting threaded for the first and last time in my life. I suspect JW tipped the threading lady because he enjoyed watching me writhe in pain!  When he asked her if she was pulling the brow hair by the root, I was quick to say, “YES,  it is definitely coming up by the ROOT!”  Eli was captivated by the whole thing but I felt sad knowing that one day she may have to endure the same hardship, especially since it’s looking like she is getting JW’s great eyebrows. Afterwards we treated her to a little joyride:

091710 037

Here is Eli watching me try on sunglasses. Let’s see how long I can keep my sunglasses before breaking them, losing them or leaving them at someone’s house!  I think this is my 3rd or 4th pair this year!!! I hear this trait is genetic…although Eli still has all her sunglasses!

091710 051

We also stopped by Lammes’ and got treats! They had samples of brownie fudge- yum!  We were very happy to find they had sugar-free lollipops! Those really saved us at Costco since we were pushing Eli way past her nap!!  I had never seen a happier kid strapped into a grocery cart!

091710 045

I hope you enjoyed seeing our weekend! And tomorrow is church day! Or as Eli says, “Chuh”. I hope she doesn’t get mad again that we only go to one service now. That girl likes her church friends!


  1. As much as Coco likes to splash in the bathtub, I'm sure that she had a blast in her own pool at your house. Those girls are so cute together!

  2. Yes they are very cute together! Especially when they both dont want to share toys! ;)

  3. lol! The cups; the blasted cups!!

    Eli looks so big in the picture of her, Kena and JD. So sweet! I love how she wears her pearls with her Bevo gear!

  4. If there had been 50 cups they would have still fought over who had the most!