Saturday, September 11, 2010

Aqua Eli

Eli may not remember our last trip to the beach  but she still loves the sand and surf!  She didn’t find the sand as tasty as she did last year though.  And now that she can walk, she wouldn’t walk through the water because she felt too wobbly!

091110 027

She even ended up crawling across the water!  Thanks Benna for the great pictures!  Eli was trying to spit out the sand in this pic.

091110 037

Dada is having fun burying Eliana’s legs in sand.

091110 031

Thank goodness we got to shower off the sand and take a dip in the biggest pool in Texas!

091110 062

091110 068

Here is Cousin Genelle giving Eli some tickles!

091110 077

And guess what? We forgot Eli’s bed!

Guess how long I rocked Eli to sleep?  To be more accurate I rocked/sang/prayed/held/nursed/jiggled/rocked/rocked/rocked Eli to sleep!

One small victory for me, one giant leap for motherdom!    Mami’s in control!!!

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  1. Looks like so much fun! Makes me want to go back to the coast. My favorite thing is to go to the beach and then jump in the pool!